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T1.0 - Title Sheet, Index, Code, Map
D1.0 - Demolition Plan
A1.0 - Floor Plan
A2.0 - Reflected Ceiling Plan
A3.0 - Roof Plan, ADA Mounting Height Details, Enlarged Restroom Plan, Restroom Elevations
A4.0 - Front Elevation, Store Front Detail, Wall Sections, ADA Ramp Detail, Details


E-1 - Electrical Power Plan
E-2 - Electrical Lighting Plan
E-3 - Contractor Time Clock Detail, Electrical Riser Diagram, Master Lighting Switch Bank, Electrical Panel Detail Schedules
E-4 - Electrical Specifications
M-1 - Mechanical Plan, Specifications
M-2 - Mechanical Details
P-1 - Plumbing Supply Plan, Plumbing Waste Lines Plan, Plumbing Fixture Schedule, Plumbing Notes