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Bush's Chicken Bitters Rd

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Cover - General Notes, Symbols, Code Requirements, Location Map
ACC01 - Toilet Accessibility


Architectural Drawings

SP100 - Site Plan & Details
A100 - Floor Plan
A110 - Equipment Plan
A160 - Enlarged Restroom & Interior Elevations
A180 - Reflected Ceiling Plan
A190 - Roof Plan
A200 - Exterior Elevations
A201 - Exterior Elevations
A300 - Building Sections
A400 - Wall Sections
A600 - Door, Window & Wall Types
A700 - Section Details
A701 - Roof Access Ladder & Millwork Details
A800 - Plan Details


Electrical Drawings

E0.0 - Electrical Legend Abbreviations & General Notes
E0.1 - Electrical One-Line Diagram & Schedules
E1.0 - Electrical Site Plan
E2.0 - Electrical Floor Plan-Lighting
E3.0 - Electrical Floor Plan-Power & Special Systems

Mechanical Drawings

M0.0 - Mechanical Legend, Abbreviations, & General Notes
M0.1 - Mechanical Schedules
ME1.0 - MEP Roof Plan
M2.0 - HVAC Floor Plan
M2.1 - HVAC-Kitchen Hood Plan
M3.0 - Plumbing Floor Plan-Waste & Vent
M3.1 - Plumbing Floor Plan-Water & Gas
M4.0 - HVAC Details
M4.1 - Plumbing Details
M5.0 - Plumbing Riser & Plumbing Fixture Specifications

Landscape Drawings

L1.0 - Landscape Plan
L2.0 - Landscape Specifications
LI1.0 - Landscape Irrigation Plan
LI1.0 - Landscape Irrigation Plan